Where Do You Start? Characters, plot, world?

Where Do You Start?

Where do you start:

I want to write my book, but the problem I keep running into is where do you start?

Do I start with a character? Plot? World or what? It sounds easy, just write. Right???

Not so much. Especially when you have spent 6 years avoiding writing by reading massive quantities of books on how to write. I have an idea of what the genre will be or kinda do. The game plan is a mash-up of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance.

I’m sure once you get the first book done, it will get easier. Or I sure as hell hope so.

The funny thing is I have it up in my head, but getting it down on paper I’m having all kinds of problems and blocks. I’m sure fear is a major part of it.

By the way, I have the lovely experience of being afraid of both success and failure. Which leaves you up shit creek without a paddle.


Most creatives have the problem of lack of support from family and friends. Not me. My husband and kids (5 out of 6 kids) keep asking when are you going to start your book. In fact, that’s what brought this post up. My husband and I own a collectibles shop and last night on the way home he asked me AGAIN when are you going to start your book.

Then, the love of my life, reminds me I’m running against the clock. I’m 44 almost 45 years old. It’s irritating when he’s right, which he usually is…We won’t tell him that. He also has the ability to cut through all bull shit and get to the truth. Always lovely when you’re reminded that your mortality is running out.


All the choices available are almost paralyzing. At the same time, I have all the people running around in my head saying get the lead out and put us on the page already. We need to be realized. We want to have our day in the sun.

Update on my writing journey:

Becoming a day person:

I am working to get up earlier, with the help of my loving hubby. Today I got up at 09:00. Tomorrow the game plan is to get up with him somewhere between 05:30-06:00.

Putting out a post each day:

So far I have put out posts every other day…So progress. I do know since I started creating my posts I’m being overwhelmed by ideas of what I can talk about.

Which makes things interesting, since according to everyone you need to niche down and pick one topic. I think I am going to keep this as a catch-all for what I am learning both in writing and life.

Goals & Accountability:

  • Write at least one blog post on this site daily.
  • Work on world-building or getting words on the page.
  • Do at least one freewrite daily.

I am going to document the life journey here, stay tuned…

If you made it all the way to the bottom of the post GREAT because it’s kinda rambly.

Wrap up:

I still am working to figure out where do you start.

I’m not sure if this confusion will help anyone, or if anyone has the same problem…

If you do or you have a solution PLEASE let me know in the comments.

Albert Einstein Quote


Albert Einstein Quote
Insanity Photo by Quentin Kemmel

Today I planned to write about a pen name or not to use a pen name. I will probably work on that one tomorrow.

I changed the post topic because of some changes I’m trying to make in my life, and failing miserably.

What is Insanity?

Doing the same thing and expecting different results. It seems that is all I have done for the last 6 years.

Not totally…But at the same time, I’m not getting my goals anywhere near complete. For the last 6 years, I have worked sporadically on trying to become a day person. After working nights for years, and even as a child I was a night person.

You need to change what you’re doing if it’s not working. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting change.

The Insane Part

I keep thinking if I just drag myself out of bed, no matter what time I get to sleep, eventually, my body will adjust. Ya, not so much.

Mind you this has been going on for almost 6 years. So I have decided something has got to change. I have a bad habit of reading in bed, have for years. One thing I plan to change is I won’t bring the tablet into the bedroom. Since my hubby is trying to sleep I can’t read a paper book.

Another thing is I plan to go to bed at the same time as he does, no matter what. By the way, he’s a huge part of why I am trying to do this. My husband has worked in construction since a teenager and gets up at 05:30 each morning.

The sleeping in is affecting my writing too. I want to write in the morning after he heads to work on one of our businesses before I need to head out to open our collectibles store.


I have been trying to get up at 05:30 every day for 6 years. I am doing this so I can get on the same schedule as my husband, and have time to write. So the change is twofold and needed for me to fulfill my dreams.

But I keep trying the same things, just getting up early no matter what time I go to bed. Time for a change.

Not sure if anyone is interested in this or not, but I will update as things progress.

Let me know in the comments if you have a problem like this and what you have tried to do to fix it.

Mark Twain Quote

Battling Resistance

Battling resistance:

Steven Pressfield has it right. Resistance is a sneaky bitch, cunning, and a professional liar. She is seductive in her suggestions and distractions. And time wait’s for no one.

I created this website close to 4 years ago. I have changed, rearranged, and in general, played around with all the settings and themes. Anything and everything to prevent me from writing.

The Dance of Web design:

At first, I planned for it to be a freelance website, then my fiction site, and I have gone back and forth for 4 years. During the 4-6 years, I have been playing this game with resistance I have journaled somewhere close to 2 1/2 million words. The number is great, the problem is no books, blogs, or any public writing.

What I have decided is I will use this for ALL of my writing. I hope to share the lessons I learn, good and bad with you. With that decision made I will be revamping many of the pages as I go. But, I don’t want to use that as an excuse, so we will do that little at a time.

The Seduction of research and education. Just one more book

I have read so many how-to-write books, over all the aspects of writing, that I have probably given myself the equivalent of an MFA. I will try to review what I have read, and create a page of resources that I recommend.

…But still, I haven’t started my novel.

…I haven’t blogged, even though I have been scheduling to do this for years.

That, my friends, is a damn ugly case of resistance.

My plan for battling resistance:

Today, I have made the decision to fight resistance daily. One of the ways I plan to do this is to write at least one blog post each day.

I plan to try to post my word count and the time I spent planning daily. Hopefully, this won’t be totally boring, and may even help some writer out there who is stuck in research learning mode.

I’m not completely sure what all this blog will cover. It may end to be a catch-all for the aspects of my crazy life. I figure the topics will develop as we go down this road.

Possible Topics:

  • Fiction and Nonfiction book reviews-though I only review books I like or learn from, mainly because if I don’t like it I don’t read it.
  • Lessons learned, techniques I try and the results
  • Any research that’s cool or related to my books
  • Research that’s just too cool for school
  • What I learn about book series creation-since that seems to be the one area I have found a lack of resources and books about
  • General life lessons
  • Word count, planning time daily.
  • I will add others as I think of them