Holloween Story Time Blog Hop 10-31-18

Storytime Blog Hop

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Founded by Holly Lisle Students. We have the blog hop 4 times a year.

Storytime Blog Hop
Storytime Blog Hop

Do you love fiction, especially flash fiction, we have a treat for you.

Featuring speculative fiction shorts 500 to 1000 word stories from authors all over the globe, fun, and great read.

Enjoy and hopefully, you will find some new authors to find and love.

There are 13 authors participating. You’ll find links on all of the various blogs leading to each other.

I don’t have a story to add, but love introducing people to great new writers. We do this 4 times a year so be sure and check back.

There are 13 authors taking part: 1st link is mine

Chris Bridges Posting Storytime Blog Hop. Give her shout out and say Hello!

Here are all the lovely story links:

Snow White Tabloid Style, by Fannie Suto
Starving Artist, by Samantha Bryant
The Halloween Dance, by Barbara Lund
The Ghost In My Yard, by Elizabeth McCleary
Her Majesty, by Katharina Gerlach
Black Moon, by Lauren M. Catherine
Poe’s Heart, by J. Q. Rose
Hanks A Lot, by Joe Bouchard
In The Gray Lake, by Karen Lynn
The Right Honorable Brotherhood of Spirits, Poltergeists and Ghosts, by Vanessa Wells
Life of a Pumpkin, by Bill Bush
Why Should I?, by Gina Fabio
Reaper, by Juneta Key


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      Chris CT Bridges

      Thank you it was my pleasure to help everybody. Next time I should have a story,

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