July Storytime Blog Hop


Story Time Blog Hop

Once again it’s time for a fun adventure. Enjoy my story below, then follow the links to other stories of participating authors in the blog hop.  Leave us comments.  We love hearing from you!


Please visit the links and enjoy the story.

  1. The Salem Witch Trials and What We Can Learn From Them by Amaliz Tenner, Class 4c, by Katarina Gerlach
  2. The Fairest, by Nic Steven
  3. Something About Mary, by Bill Bush
  4. Grumpy Old Harpies, by Juneta Key
  5. The Goddess of Wine, by Vanessa Wells
  6. A Melody in A Grotto, by S S Prince
  7. Tears and Toil, by Barbara Lund
  8. Coming Soon:, by Karen Lynn
  9. Home Repairs, by Jason Gallagher
  10. The Robot Accomplice, by Janna Willard
  11. I – The Magician, by Raven O’Fiernan
  12. Evening Update, by Elizabeth McCleary
  13. Allies, by Eli


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